25 Pet Peeves

25 examples of just plain horribleness...1) Having to do that 12 foot quick shuffle walk when someone holds the door open for you.2) Trying to lift the car door handle at the same time someone is trying to unlock it3) Car dealer logos on cars4) The people who legally are allowed to throw unwanted, unsolicited coupons wrapped in plastic bags on your driveway.5) Thinking you have an available parking spot, until you realize someone with a small car or motorcycle had pulled in really far to create that illusion.6) Switching between 2 TV shows and having them both be on a commercial7) The traingle opening in orange juice cartons8) Pizza that's so hot or undercooked (not sure which) that everything slides right off of it (a.k.a Pizza soup).9) The 30 seconds of phone conversation you have before you realize the other person on the line was disconnected and heard none of it.10) Streets with no names on the corners11) Dirty snow12) Waiting rooms13) Getting gas14) Any song that plays more than 2 seconds of silence at the end15) Commercials at movie theaters16) Seatbelts that tighten for no reason17) Scissors that don't cut18) Tipping cab drivers (just no logical reason for it...sorry.)19) Non-pitted olives20) Drivers who don't give any sign of appreciation for you letting them go21) The penny22) Testimonials in movie advertisements given by someone that no one has ever heard of. "Best movie of the summer!" – John Weirdneck, Virginia Tribune23) Squeaky sneakers24) "Unrated" DVD's that are no different than the rated version25) Anything involving Billy Crystal (with the exception of Princess Bride)